Mission Accomplished…Almost

With the fifth anniversary of the Mission Accomplished statement tomorrow, it was interesting to hear what that banner really meant.  It seems like most things, the whole Mission Accomplished was the result of lieberals and the MSM.

Thursday is the fifth anniversary of Bush’s dramatic landing in a Navy jet on an aircraft carrier homebound from the war. The USS Abraham Lincoln had launched thousands of airstrikes on Iraq.

“Major combat operations in Iraq have ended,” Bush said at the time. “The battle of Iraq is one victory in a war on terror that began on Sept. 11, 2001, and still goes on.” The “Mission Accomplished” banner was prominently displayed above him — a move the White House came to regret as the display was mocked and became a source of controversy.

As White House press secretary Dana Perino said Wednesday, “”President Bush is well aware that the banner should have been much more specific and said `mission accomplished’ for these sailors who are on this ship on their mission,”   It turns out that there is a tradition that when the head of state visits a navy ship he brings a gift.  Bush thought it would be a nice idea to make a banner that the men on the ship could enjoy commemorating the crew completing its 10 month mission.  The President decided to have the sign made by a private vendor.  Unfortunately, because it was a rush job the President’s staff didn’t thing to specifically spell out “Congradulations on your 10 month mission” on the banner.

Five years later, this silly misunderstanding still haunts the President.  For any Dumocrats thinking of using it in a commercial I remind you that just as using John McCain’s statement on the 100 years war is illegal so is taking Bush out of context on the mission accomplished flap.

We Endorse Dan Burton for the House

Dan Burton is a tough as nails representative who isn’t afraid to go after the truth like a bulldog. The clip above shows that he is a man of conviction, but even moreso that he is a seeker of the truth. When David Foster was killed by Hillary Clinton a few years back, Burton took a gun and a pumpkin and proved that Foster couldn’t have created suicide. This is exactly the type of take no prisoners attitude that we need to continue to represent us in Congress.

Though Burton has made mistakes like fathering a child out of wedlock, he has owned up to them and didn’t use them as a shield to stop him from getting into the Monica Lewinsky affair. People took his comment calling Bill Clinton a “scumbag” out of context, but frankly it fit. Burton is a strong proponent of a fairer less complicated tax system, expanded oil drilling in Alaska, and family values.  Dan is a social conservative who is solidly backed by the NRA and favors traditional marriage.  Personally, Burton is an avid golfer.  We heartily endorse Dan Burton and hope that anybody in the 5th District in Indiana will support Congressman Burton over Dr. John McGoff in November.

Hagee Does Not Equal Wright

Dumocrats love to equal Obamas spiritual guru Jeremiah Wright with John McCain supporter Rev. John Hagee.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  Obama sat through 20 years of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons before any of the recent controversial clips were ever uttered.  Meanwhile, Hagee’s supposedly anti-Catholic comments were made before McCain was ever in contact with him.  McCain reached out to Hagee to help get support from religious conservatives.  That doesn’t mean that McCain ever espoused any of Hagee’s statements.  Meanwhile, Obama has been going to Wright’s church.  Obviously, that means he believes what Wright preaches instead of simply paying lipservice for political support.  What McCain is doing is something politicians have been doing for years.  What Obama is doing is truely twisted.

Profiles in Betrayal

Benedict Arnold will always go down as the chief traitor of America’s colonial period, but I would nominate future President John Adams who actively defended the soldiers who carried out the bloody Boston Massacre.  Recently, I have seen two more cases of betrayal that rise to Adams’ level.

Two prosecutors at Gitmo Army Lt. Colonel William Britt and Air Force Colonel Morris Davis have testified that Pentagon officials stressed that charging high-profile detainees could have political value for U.S. elections and pushed for speedy convictions to keep the system from “imploding.”  Britt alleged that he was told by political operatives to seek out cases that would engage the interest of the American public.  So what?  Maybe these are show trials, but since when do terrorists deserve rights?    The fact they’re at Gitmo lets you know they’re guilty.  Case closed.

I am also amazingly disapointed in Army football player Caleb Campbell who is taking advantage of a new army policy to let him play in the NFL instead of going to Iraq where he belongs.    Not only is this a betrayal of his brothers in arms, but he has an unfair advantage over his teammates most of whom will not be shot at if they are cut.  If anybody saw Jimmy Stewart in Strategic Air Command they say how his character turned his back on a baseball career when the Air Force needed him.  Caleb Campbell is now Jimmy Stewart.  The joke is on Mr. Campbell because if he thinks Baghdad is a collapsed city with a malfunctioning government and snipers on every corner just wait until he sees Detroit

Hillary Agrees–Obama’s Elitist

Today Hillary Clinton called out Barrack Hussein Obama for refusing to support John McCain’s summer gas tax holiday from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  As I mentioned earlier in this blog

For an average driver like myself I drive 50 miles per day and with the air conditioner going my Jeep Grand Cherokee gets about 8 miles to the gallon in the city.  The federal tax is 18 cents per gallon.  What that means for me is an extra $1.08 in my pocket everyday.  Now as any Supply Sider can tell you I will use that money to buy more gas and drive more.  This will create more jobs for people working at gas stations, cleaning streets, car washes, etc.  As more of us are able to drive more we’ll be stroking the fires of this economy.  The total cost is $10,000,000,000 which may sound like a lot, but in a country this size that’s only the cost of a month of the war in Iraq.”  (http://thatsrightnate.wordpress.com/2008/04/15/mccain-rolls-out-economic-initiatives/).

Obama’s reaction is that Obama does not support the “gas tax holiday” and has said the average motorist would not benefit significantly from such a suspension.  Excuse me, maybe $1.08 per day doesn’t seem much to you Barrack Obama, but that’s a large bottle of water I can drink on my way to work  Point to Hillary.

Republicans Crap Out in Nevada Convention

Maybe it was the bright lights that drew them in.  Maybe it was the fact that so many of them were in Las Vegas trying to make their living at the black jack table, but for whatever reason 1,300 Ron Paul supporters totally disrupted the Republican Convention in Nevada.

The Paul supporters managed to get a rule change put through to give them more representation to the party’s national convention in St. Paul Minnesota not far from the 1979 Minnesota UFO sighting and within driving distance of the Hormel headquarters in Austin, Minnesota makers of many great non-perishables for use in bunkers and air raid shelters.

The one piece of good news is that the Supreme Court recently upheld voted identification requirements which will prevent most Ron Paul supporters from voting in the national election for fear of being “on the grid”.

The Second Plane – A Book Review Review

I found myself in a very difficult situation regarding Martin Amis’s book The Second Plane.  On the one hand I hate reading.  On the other hand I am always trying to gather information on Islamic terroritsts to help me stay safe and protect those around me.

Normally I look for hints like people’s names or appearance to alert me that they may be Islamists, but Martin Amis has found some other traits.   He knows for a fact that Islamists “habitually” jump red lights, so as “to show contempt for the law of the land (and contempt for reason).” Iranians, he teaches, are “mystical, volatile and masochistic.”

By knowing what to look for, it helps me to be prepared and be alert for those who may wish to use terrorism to impose an Islamist society on me.  You can be sure if I see somebody listenning to Enya as they run a red light that I’ll be taking down their license plate.  Amis hates Islamists and Islamicism and his book sounds like an excellent book from the book reviews that I read.

Where the Election Actually Matters

It seems to me we have a huge ammount of time in this country spent over nothing.  I’m talking about the general election.  My vote really doesn’t count.   That is because I live in Illinois where the Lie-berals and dumb-ocrats will be able to overpower my vote for John McCain.  The states where this election actually matters are

Colorado (9), Nevada (5), New Mexico (5), Iowa (7), Missouri (11), Ohio (20),  Virginia (13), Minnesota (10), Wisconsin (10), Michigan (17), New Hampshire (4), Pennsylvania (21), Oregon (7)

Florida is a traditional battlground state, but I believe if the Democrats win Florida it will be part of a huge Democratic win.  In a close election Florida will go Republican.  In the same way if the Republicans win in California like McCain talks about it will be part of a huge Republican win.

If you match up these states to the primaries you see that:

Clinton is the stronger candidate in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Ohio (50)

Obama is the stronger candidate in Oregon, Colorado, Iowa, Missourri, Virginia, Minnesota, and Wisconsin (67)

Two states in my mind are tossups.  Michigan which didn’t have a fair primary and New Mexico where Clinton won 51% – 49% before the very popular Bill Richaradson endorsed her.

The key for McCain is to take whichever half of those states the Democratic nominee didn’t get.  The more I lookat the map the more I see McCain in the White House.

Bringing the war home

I guess nothing has brought the war home to me like talking to my friend today.  It seems that somebody in his Yahoo Fantasy Baseball League warned him that he was going to have a difficult time managing his team this summer because he was being shipped out to San Antonio for pre-deployment training.  Then he’d be home for a bit before going to Fort Polk in Louisiana.  It is amazing how the war intersects with our daily lives in these ways.  When you see the soldiers on television you don’t think of them as people the same way you do when someone who knows a friend of yours is shipped off.  We need to continue to support our troops.  I’ve mentioned how much I love my Jeep Cherokee, but I’m going to start displaying a yellow ribbon on the back as a sign of solidarity.  It is the least we can do.

We Must Believe All Neighborhoods Can Be Crime Free

This weekend in Chicago we saw a rash of shootings.  There were nearly 30 shootings in just a two day period including several fatal ones.  Things were especially rough in the 11th District which is a very heavily gang infested area on the South Side.  It is about time that we as a country step up to the plate if local communities are unable and unwilling to do it in much the same way that George Bush saved education in this country.

There are a lot of good cops out there in the system, but there are too many who hang out in doughnut shops and look at their district with an attitude that crime is just a fact of life.  We need cops who believe that they can erradicate all crime in their district and take steps to do so.  Too many lazy cops simply hide behind their unions to protect their jobs.

We need to go district by district across this country and look at crime statistics.  If a district had 20 homicides this year, next year give them the goal of 16 homicides.  The following year give them a goal of 12 homicides.  By doing this we could drop the homicide rate considerably in this country.  Now, we know we’ll never get down to 0 homicides, but we still need that goal.  We need to believe that every district can be homicide free.

If a district is unable to meet their goal for 3 straight years, the district is a failed district.  It needs to be shut down and let the surrounding districts pick up the slack for a year.  The following year, we will reopen the district with new officers and new commanders who won’t be as tied to the pattern of failure.

This approach really wouldn’t cost taxpayers any money as all the funding would be done on the local level with the federal government only setting the goals and helping to enforce that they’re met.  This approach has worked great for our schools and we need to use it with other public employees if we really want positive change in this country.  With proper law enforcement all neighborhoods can be crime free.