We’re Becoming a Nation of Losers

In a recent game between Central Washington and Western Oregon or maybe it was Central Oregon and Western Washington, a player hit a homerun and then injured herself jogging around the bases (No doubt patting herself on the back).  The other team carried her around the bases.  It is sad enough to see women attempting to play sports, but at this rate it won’t be long until they’re knitting a cozy for the dugout bench.  Sports should be played by hard nosed men who cause injuries not tend to them.

Then Hussein Obama was on Letterman last night making light of his lack of skill bowling.  He should be hiding his head in shame.  Nixon actually had a bowling alley put into the White House.  No American presidential contender should be unable to bowl and if they are that terrible they should be living in shame and not in self-depricating humor.

Finally, a news story this morning says that 58% of black children can’t swim.    This is despite the fact that whites only pools and beaches haven’t been around for over 40 years.    While blacks do have less buoyancy han whites, this issue can be overcome with proper technique.  There is no reason for this lack of swimmers among our black population.  This does leave water polo scholarships available for white college atheletes who were unable to earn a scholarship in say baseball or football, but it deprives the navy and marines of many potential recruits.

America, we need to go back to winning.  A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.  Witout some drastic changes we will fall behind the rest of the world.

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