The Name Nate

Growing up, I didn’t always appreciate my first name.  I was usually the only Nate in my class and things like “license plates” for my bike and personalized toothbrushes frequently didn’t come with the name Nate.

However, as I have grown older I have grown to appreciate my rather unique name as well as the Ameircan patriot who inspired it.  I was named after Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale.  Hale is often called either “America’s First Spy” or “The Swamp Fox” for his ability to strike at the English and then return to the swamp to hide–kind of like an American Robin Hood.

He is most famous for getting captured by the British and uttering a famous speech before his execution of which the sentence most widely known is “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.  Hale was near death before a timely rescue by George Washington mush to the approval of the delighted crowd who had come to watch Hale’s execution.

Hale went on to be a member of the Constitutional Convention and an important leader in the colonial government before dying in his native New York.  I am proud to share his name and his love of country.

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