Democrats to Blame for Economic Woes

Maybe, its just me, but the more I hear people complain about the economy the madder I get. It isn’t so much that I disagree that the economy is in a bit of a slow spell so much as I get tired of hearing it all blamed on the President. The reason that the economy is having issues isn’t George Bush or the Republicans, but the Democrat party and the local Democrat elected officials. If you want to find states where things are booming, look for Republican controlled states.

Case in point, Texas is doing terrific right now. The fact that Texans don’t complain much probably obscures this fact from the rest of the country, but in this Republican state Maserati sales are up 86 percent so far this year, according to the TexAuto Facts Report.

Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are expanding their luxury stores at the Galleria shopping mall. New construction permits in the city have jumped by almost 30 percent. The region added more than 100,000 jobs last year. And the mayor just proposed a dream budget for next year featuring more cops and lower property taxes.

Now, this may be a result of belt tightening as well because the Maserati GranTurismo does get 30 mph on the highway, but the point is Houston in particular and Texas in general is doing great. If the other American cities would return to the work ethic that made this country great instead of looking to Uncle Sam for more handouts, they could achieve the same type of success.

“We know that everybody is talking about a recession in the U.S., but we’re not experiencing that here,” said Tracye McDaniel, executive vice president of the Greater Houston Partnership, a business development group. “We exist in this bubble, if you will.”

McCain isn’t Bush’s Third Term, He’s Cheney’s First

Lie-berals have complained that putting McCain in the White House would be like giving George Bush a third term.  Although, they never say what would be so wrong about a third term for Bush.  However, it is becoming increasingly clear that McCain would really be akin to Dick Cheney getting a first term as President.

Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz, not the gay one, said on MSNBC, “At the same time, I think on the really important issues that face the country, on issues like the war on terror and the economy, Senator McCain in fact is advocating those policies that those of us who supported President Bush and the Vice President believe are the right ones for this nation.”

And McCain is efusive in his praise for Cheney, calling him “one of the most capable, experienced, intelligent and steady vice presidents this country has ever had.”

While writing his 2007, biography of Cheney, writer Stephen Hayes asked McCain if he would like to have Cheney as his VP. McCain said: “I don’t know if I would want him as vice president. He and I have the same strengths. But to serve in other capacities? Hell, yeah.”

We may not be able to get a third Bush term, but since Cheney can’t run himself. Maybe, though John McCain with his similiar strengths could be the next best thing to President Cheney.

Helping McCain Win in November

In what can only be described as a rather drastic response to Barack Obama’s decision to not take public funding, John McCain’s chief adviser Charlie Black outlined McCain’s strategy for the November election.  In a recent article in Fortune Magazine, Black called the assassination of Benazir Bhutto a big help.  He also stated that a terrorist attack on US Soil would “certainly be a big advantage to him [McCain]“  I think this is something we can all get behind.  While I would hope it wouldn’t be a big terrorist attack or anything, a small bombing or similiar calamity could be just the jump start that the McCain campaign has been looking for.  We know that terrorists hate us for our freedoms, but ironically they could help us all exercise one of our greatest freedoms.

We Need McCain Monkeys

As a person of non-color I find myself dismayed that there are no John McCain monkey t-shirts or even John McCain sock monkeys.  Now I personally have loved monkeys for as long as I can remember.  However, comparing black people to monkeys goes back to the Jim Crowe days and it is racism.  It shouldn’t be tolerated in this country.  There are only two ways I can see of fixing this problem.  We can stop selling things like the Curious George Obama t-shirt and the sock monkey Obama.  However, monkeys are too cute.  I can’t see that ever happenning.  The other choice is that we start making McCain monkeys.  I for one would love a sock McCain as a way of showing my support for the Senator.  By comparing people of non-color to monkeys as well, we can end the racism associated with the image.


Business in the self-storage industry continues to boom.  I am auctioning off a bunch of stuff this week that people lost when they couldn’t pay their bills.  There is some very nice stuff and it should give me enough to pay for my trip this week to Indiana for the SSIA trade show.  I’ve also just got my plane tickets for the September 4-6 trade show coming up in Las Vegas for the Self Storage Association Trade Show.  Cal Ripken is the big guest of honor, but I’m looking forward to seeing Tony Blankley almost as much.  If you’re in Las Vegas at that time, I can’t recommend the public access day enough.

I have also completed plans for my mid July road trip.  I’m going to be visiting all the Republican Presidential Libraries/museums in the midwest.  I’m looking to do  Hoover in Iowa, Ford in Michigan, and then end with Harding, McKinnley, and Hayes in Ohio.  I’ve already done Lincoln.  If this trip doesn’t provide inspiration I don’t know what will.

Why I Don’t Trust the Obamas

The reason I don’t like the Obamas is because I don’t trust them.  Everytime we get wind of something negative against Obama, they cover it up immediately.  Remember that Whitey video?  When was the last time you heard about it.  The Obamas obviously got to the video, we expected that, but they also managed to cover it up so the press doesn’t talk about it anymore.

Larry Sinclair who has a wonderful anti-Obama site that has sent many readers over here told of how he had a gay affair with Obama where they took massive ammounts of drugs together.  After addressing the National Press Club, Sinclair was taken off by federal marshalls over a federal charge in Delaware.  WIth his long rap sheet they will probably be able to effectively shut him up.

What about the Rezko trial, where the prosecutors dealt with other issues of corruption and pretty much left Obama out of the trial completely?  Even the Republican prosecutor went along with protecting Obama.

It seems everytime we find knowledge of Obama engaged in wrongdoing, it is immediately covered up.  They’ll do things like change the subject like when Obama pointed out that McCain doesn’t wear a flag pin just because he was accused of not wearing one.  They’re slick and crafty and that is not a good thing.

Smear #5: McCain Has Changed to get the Nomination

Another smear is that McCain has flip-flopped his positions in order to get the nomination.  The liberal line goes that when McCain was in the senate he was an independent thinker, but now that he is close to the nomination he’s toeing the party line.   This is yet another left wing smear.  The fact is there could be a number of reasons why McCain has flip-flopped.  He may have reconsidered some positions now that he could see himself in the position of President, he may have gotten better advice, or he may have simply rethought his positions later in life.  I had an uncle who did that.  In any event, McCain didn’t change positions just to get the nomination

Origin of Smear:  McCain seems to have recently changed his positions on the Bush tax cuts, offshore oil drilling, Gitmo, torture, bringing the troops home from Iraq, the religious right, abortion, educational vouchers, privatizing social security, taxes, campaign finance reform, and immigration

A Plea for Help: I’d like some help finding other smears to defend McCain against.  If Obama can have a whole website devoted to this, I think this is the least I can do for John McCain