Dark Knight Liberal Propaganda Is a Joke

I hate going in to a movie expecting escapist entertainment and finding myself in a preachy political film.  Where to begin.  The Joker is extremely white while Batman is the “Dark Knight” obviously an allegory for McCain and Obama.  Batman refuses to resort to the Joker’s methods even when innocents are hurt–a comment on terrorism.  Then when Batman has a way to spy on everybody to look for evil he leaves it to the black Morgan Freeman to shut it down–obviously a way of commenting on Obama and the Patriot Act.  The movie was sickening.  People who went there looking for harmless escapism found instead liberal preachiness.  I miss Batman like they did when George Clooney played him.  That was Batman for the whole family.

We’re off to see McKinnley tomorrow before heading to Iowa to see Herbert Hoover.  There’s a lot going on that I’m missing including what I believe will be the first public building named after George Bush.  I’m looking forward to commenting on it when I return.

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