Iraq or Afghanistan

The biggest question in American foreign policy is where do we want to keep our forces in order for them to do the most good in the war on terror–Iraq as John McCain believes or Afghanistan where Barack Obama believes we need more troops.

Iraq was not really a hot bed of terror before we invaded, but you can be sure it is now.  Things have calmed down a bit in the country and the President is asking us to leave on the same time table that Obama wants.  In fact, we have been unable to come to a deal with the Iraqis to protect our troops from Iraqi courts.

Afghanistan under the Taliban was where al-Qaeda trained terrorists like the ones in the 9/11 attack on the World Train Centers.  The invasion of Aghanistan was a military success, but the Taliban continues to regroup.  The President wants the United States to stay as do most of the people.

That is why the United States needs to focus on Iraq.  The very fact that the Afghans want us there should tell us that they really don’t need us anymore.  On the other hand, by wanting us out the Iraqis have demonstrated that they have not yet been brought under control.  If Iraq was a fully functioning government they wouldn’t care if there were US troops there.  Their desire to see us out demonstrates their instability.

McCain clearly understands this.  Anybody can send American troops to a country where they’re wanted, but that isn’t the same as sending them to the country where they are most needed.  Obama obviously does not understand this, by electing him the American people run the risk of him sending troops only where they are wanted or only into situations where they have a clear objective.

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