Obama Could Mean Death to Walmart

It was revealed today that Walmart has been warning its employees that a Democratic victory in November could lead to unionization of its work force.  In recent weeks thousands of Walmart managers have been summoned to mandatory meetings letting employees know not to vote for the Democrats in the Fall.  One slide employees were shown indicated that Obama = Union.

I applaud Walmart for taking such a personal interest in their employees’ welfare.  Only if we employers stick together can we take back this country from our workers who frankly are good hardworking people, but who lack the basic intelligence to govern themselves.

Unions in this country should be illegal and I would never tolerate one in my company.  Walmart workers have a very cushy job where they are inside in an air conditioned story.  For nearly $20,000,000 per year and for about $5K you can get health care these guys are on easy street.  On top of that, Walmart families received $2.5 billion in government aid in 2004 for falling below the federal poverty line.  Maybe, I’ll just go work for Walmart myself.

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