Dark Knight Boycott Overwhelming Success

On July 24th, I called on the readers of the blog to boycott the Dark Knight movie as the piece of liberal propaganda that it was.  Your response has been both overwhelming and humbling for me.  Together we are taking on Hollywood and winning.  What’s more, the big beneficiary of our boycott seems to be The Mummy 3 which is a patriotic movie showing how the American family can stand up to Chinese imperialism and defeat their plan for global superiority.  In the weekend before I announced the boycott, The Dark Knight racked in nearly $160,000,000.  I was worried that I was too late in getting out my boycott appeal on July 24th, but the weekend following the boycott announcement the movie’s gross dropped to only $75,000,0000.  With the boycott in full swing this week the movie has dropped to less than $44,000,000.  I believe with a concerted effort we can drop it to around $30,000,000 this week.  Of course, you don’t hear about this on the mainstream media anywhere.  I guess grassroots movements aren’t flashy enough.  Flashy or not its working and that is all because of you my readers.

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