CNN Finally Gets Obama Right

I waited a very long time, but CNN finally got Barack Obama’s tax “cut” right.  Americans will pay considerably more under Obama’s tax policy than McCain’s if they make as little as $161,000 to see any kind of savings under Obama and that includes McCain’s tax on medical benefits.  If you ignore that tax, Americans making as little as $112,000 will pay more under Obama.  Now Obama supporters will say that the huge savings for people making $66,000 or less make this worthwhile, but people who make that little probably get food stamps already anyway.  I grant it we should worry about those less fortunate than ourselves.  I am always free with a buck when I see those Salvation Army Santas and Christmas time.  However, when it comes to tax policy, we need to protect the gains of us making over $112,000.  A country is only as strong as its middle class.

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